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Loui Ferry

Luxurious Wooden Hair Comb Loui Ferry

Luxurious Wooden Hair Comb Loui Ferry

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  • Material: High-quality Slovene wood
  • Denticles: Seven finely crafted denticles
  • Made in: Slovenia

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Wooden comb distributes natural oils for nourished, lustrous locks.

Enjoy a gentle scalp massage with our wooden comb, stimulating acupressure for healthier, shinier hair.

Wooden combs reduce allergies and skin irritations.

Effortless detangling: Suitable for all hair types, our comb detangles hair without pulling or breaking.

Crafted of durable wood, Loui's comb is a sustainable choice for your grooming.

Commit to environmental awareness - use our wooden comb to care for your hair.

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Louis Expert tips for Optimal Use

Enhance your hair care routine with Loui's wooden comb by following these expert tips:

Stimulate Acupressure: Use the wooden comb to stimulate points on your scalp for healthy, shiny hair.

Combat dandruff with regular scalp massage using our wooden comb to hydrate.

Wood won't heat up, so hairdryer use is safe.

Boost scalp circulation for improved hair health and shine with the comb.


High-quality Slovene wood